Beyonce's Family Gets A New Addition

By: Randall Keith

The Knowles family continues to show the world the RIGHT WAY to be celebrities. In the age of famous people selling every moment of their lives to "Keep Up", the Knowles family stands out by proving that less is definitely more. This past weekend we heard rumors that Tina Knowles, the beautiful mother of Beyoncé, planned to marry her longtime boyfriend, Richard Lawson. This morning, pictures hit the internet of the couple posing for the camera on a yacht in all white, letting us all know that the rumors were indeed true. From what we see, it's safe to say that the ceremony was elegant and intimate. We at Brunch Culture offer a huge congratulations to the family! 

It's always good to see black love, and celebrities that arent beating us over the head with their business! 

Looks like Blue-Ivy has another Granddad to spoil her! 

Check out this beautiful photo of the couple. 


Credit: Cliff Watts/

Credit: Cliff Watts/

What do you think of Ms. Tina remarrying? 


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