Dear Rachel

Please understand that being black is more than relating to oppression. Being black is certainly more than understanding that "Black Is Beautiful." Being Black is not something one can choose to do when it's convenient. While its surely NOT against the law for you to self identify as black, please understand that this is indeed a CHOICE and a luxury, that black people don't have. When you chose to file a lawsuit against your educational institution because you felt discriminated against during the season that you identified yourself as a Caucasian woman, you should have realized how problematic the "new you" would be. Your actions have told the world that when it's convenient we can all choose to belong to another race. In a perfect world, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. I can't walk outside and choose to be yellow. Although, sometimes, I think it would be great if we could all experience what it is to belong to another racial group, the truth is, things just don't work that way. The good news is while being our authentic selves, we can learn about, live with, and LOVE people who don't look like us. That's even more powerful. I truly appreciate the work you've put in for your community. I also appreciate your admiration for the black community. I think you, as a mother, leader, and activist, can be just as impactful by honoring your true identity, and loving those who don't look like you.

I've watched your interviews and I must say that I'm disappointed. You seem to be ignoring your luxurious position by denouncing your past. I understand that you want to be in the best position to care for your children, but I assure you that running from who you are will ultimately damage them because they won't really know what it means to be themselves. Unlike their mother, they won't have the ability to self identify with another race. I think it's best not to set them up for failure. Instead teach them the beauty in your race and theirs. This will allow them to develop a REAL appreciation for our diverse world.

I believe in you. I think you are highly intelligent and fully capable of seeing how your decisions have been selfish and unproductive. It's my hope that your efforts for justice and equality will continue and be just as present in your personal life as it has been in your career.

-Randall Keith 

More Proof That We Need #BlackLivesMatter

I just watched the video of a Texas police officer violently detaining a teenage girl and I'm a ball of emotions. While it was tough to watch, unfortunately, I can't say that I am surprised. Situations like this will continue to happen as long as a large portion of our society refuse to acknowledge just how problematic the negative perceptions of the black community is.  I am bracing myself as I know very soon we will start to hear justifications for the officer's actions. Social media will undoubtedly be filled with people explaining that the way the teenage girl was treated was somehow justified because she didn't "obey the officer." While I hope that videos like this would show that we have a huge problem with law enforcements approach to the black community, I won't be surprised to hear people point the to the teenagers.  Every teenager told to "sit their asses down" were black. The crowd of teenagers appeared mixed, but somehow, the black teens were the ones to get caught. The toughest part of the video was watching the officer slang the teenage girl around and force her face to the ground. As if his force wasn't enough, The officer proceeded to put his knee in the teenage girls back and tell her that her reaction to his treatment would make him arrest her. The entire time this is happening, men are standing around watching and doing absolutely nothing. None of the other officers or men not in uniform seemed to be alarmed by the officers treatment. This video is sickening. Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts. 



 If this doesn't prove that we have a huge problem and that our law enforcement is in need of some serious tracking, I don't know what will. 

Randall Keith 


Fav 5: #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat

This week social media was buzzing with the trending topic #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat. Here are some Brunch Culture favorites:

Beyonce on beat to, Mary J's "Not Gon Cry"

Beyonce ever missed a beat, even when Michelle fell.

Beyonce on beat to, Migo's "Hannah Montana" 

Beyonce on beat to, Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Beyonce on beat to, Choppa's "Choppa Style"

Join the conversation! What were some of your favorites?

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Beyonce's Family Gets A New Addition

By: Randall Keith

The Knowles family continues to show the world the RIGHT WAY to be celebrities. In the age of famous people selling every moment of their lives to "Keep Up", the Knowles family stands out by proving that less is definitely more. This past weekend we heard rumors that Tina Knowles, the beautiful mother of Beyoncé, planned to marry her longtime boyfriend, Richard Lawson. This morning, pictures hit the internet of the couple posing for the camera on a yacht in all white, letting us all know that the rumors were indeed true. From what we see, it's safe to say that the ceremony was elegant and intimate. We at Brunch Culture offer a huge congratulations to the family! 

It's always good to see black love, and celebrities that arent beating us over the head with their business! 

Looks like Blue-Ivy has another Granddad to spoil her! 

Check out this beautiful photo of the couple. 


Credit: Cliff Watts/

Credit: Cliff Watts/

What do you think of Ms. Tina remarrying? 


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3 Ways Your Valentine Can Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye

kanye loves.jpg

I recently saw a meme that said, "I love you like Kanye loves Kanye!" At first glance, I was beyond tickled. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Kanye West loves himself. His obsession with himself shows in everything he does. Considering we are in the season of love, I think we could all learn from Mr. West's fervor for himself.  How would it look for your Valentine to love you like Kanye loves Kanye? 

I took the time to outline 3 ways your Valentine can love you like Mr. West loves himself:

  1. They speak well of you in your presence and absence. Kanye has been quoted comparing himself to the likes of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and even Jesus. Its obvious that he thinks very highly of himself and you need a Valentine that is devoted to thinking highly of you too! 
  2. You're their main focus. Nobody wants to be the side-piece on Valentine's Day, in fact, some have dubbed Valentine's Day, Side-Piece Awareness Day. While Kanye loves Kim K, Baby North and Beyoncé, Kanye focuses on Kanye, the brand!
  3. They defend you. How could we ever forget Kanye's rant on "Sway in the Morning", with the infamous line, "You ain't got the answers Sway!" Kanye defends Kanye! It would be nice if you had a "ride or die" Valentine to defend you and stick by you, no matter what. 

It's always good to have someone in your life that will speak well of you, prioritize you and defend you. Isn't that what love is about? 

Would you add anything to this list? Let us know...

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3 Good Reasons We Should Be Happy Beyoncé Performed Instead Of Ledisi

(Photo Source: AP/Courtesy)

(Photo Source: AP/Courtesy)

Music fans are in an uproar after the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, performed the classic hymn, Take my hand, Precious Lord at the 57th annual Grammy Awards. Before the Grammys aired, media sites reported that Beyoncé had been chosen by the Grammy committee to perform the song, instead of singer Ledisi. Ledisi played the role of Mahalia Jackson in the movie Selma, and sang the song in a moving scene with David Oyelowo who starred as the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some hoped that Beyoncé would invite Ledisi on stage to share the moment if she was indeed summoned by the Grammys to do so, but an interview with John Legend revealed that Beyoncé, asked to sing the song; creating an obvious snub of Ledisi, who attended the Grammys and was nominated. 


While we can go on for hours about the validity of Beyoncé’s performance, I took some time to try to find the silver lining in the situation, and to my surprise, it wasnt too hard. After watching the rehearsal video released by Beyoncé’s team, I realized that great things resulted from Beyoncé taking the stage. Here's a list of three things we can appreciate from Beyonce's performance.

  1. The first and most obvious result is that millions of people were introduced to a classic hymn that focuses on the need for spiritual guidance. Beyoncé has a fan base and name recognition like no other celebrity of our time. Old people even recognize her as a great. Those fans, or STANS, that eat, sleep and breathe everything Beyoncé, were forced to listen to a song that has moved hearts and minds for years. Of course if Ledisi had performed the song the opportunity would have still been present, but I think we can all agree that people would have walked away from their television knowing that a less popular artist was performing. The simple fact that Beyoncé was performing made people attentive and open. She could have sang the alphabet song and people would tune in because she is, Beyoncé!
  2. Beyoncé performed with a choir of all Black Male vocalists. When I first saw a picture from the performance, I questioned why she was on stage with only men. Beyoncé, for most of her time as a solo artist has prided herself on representing for the ladies having an all-female band and all female dancers in recent years. Watching the rehearsal video revealed that her goal was to depict the strength and vulnerability of black men. In the video the black men speak of their experiences with police and being profiled by the general public. Since we have criticized celebrities for failing to stand up publically in support the recent events in Ferguson, MO and New York, I think we have to acknowledge the efforts of those that claim to make a statement. Much like the exposure given to the song, Beyoncé’s platform also gives a voice to the men in this video who share their story and allow those people removed from the black community to hear a different perspective. A sincere, and vulnerable perspective.
  3. Millions of people get to see that, to Beyoncé, Black lives matter! Before you write me off and say, Why does that matter?”, stop and think about the level of influence Beyoncé has. This movement that is still alive and well on the grass roots level, is being subliminally endorsed by the Queen of Pop Culture. This drives home the message in a way that is easier for nay-sayers or just folks that are ignorant, to accept. Sure we can have an impactful movement without Beyonce, but consider what the result of mainstream attention can do.

Since we cant change the fact that Beyoncé performed the song, we can at least recognize the good that comes out of it and move the conversation in that direction. We never know, there may be a Ledisi/Beyoncé collaboration real soon. 

Check out Ledisis graceful response to the controversial performance.

What do you think about the performance?