Dear Rachel

Please understand that being black is more than relating to oppression. Being black is certainly more than understanding that "Black Is Beautiful." Being Black is not something one can choose to do when it's convenient. While its surely NOT against the law for you to self identify as black, please understand that this is indeed a CHOICE and a luxury, that black people don't have. When you chose to file a lawsuit against your educational institution because you felt discriminated against during the season that you identified yourself as a Caucasian woman, you should have realized how problematic the "new you" would be. Your actions have told the world that when it's convenient we can all choose to belong to another race. In a perfect world, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. I can't walk outside and choose to be yellow. Although, sometimes, I think it would be great if we could all experience what it is to belong to another racial group, the truth is, things just don't work that way. The good news is while being our authentic selves, we can learn about, live with, and LOVE people who don't look like us. That's even more powerful. I truly appreciate the work you've put in for your community. I also appreciate your admiration for the black community. I think you, as a mother, leader, and activist, can be just as impactful by honoring your true identity, and loving those who don't look like you.

I've watched your interviews and I must say that I'm disappointed. You seem to be ignoring your luxurious position by denouncing your past. I understand that you want to be in the best position to care for your children, but I assure you that running from who you are will ultimately damage them because they won't really know what it means to be themselves. Unlike their mother, they won't have the ability to self identify with another race. I think it's best not to set them up for failure. Instead teach them the beauty in your race and theirs. This will allow them to develop a REAL appreciation for our diverse world.

I believe in you. I think you are highly intelligent and fully capable of seeing how your decisions have been selfish and unproductive. It's my hope that your efforts for justice and equality will continue and be just as present in your personal life as it has been in your career.

-Randall Keith