Episode 39 - Special Edition: Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Brunch Special Edition is here and sure to fill you up! With so many highlights this week, we decided bring you a special episode of Brunch Culture. This episode covers Ben Carson’s controversial comments on being gay, The 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, The DOJ’s report on Ferguson, and Scandal's best episode to date. We also get random with a career in “Chick Sexing”.  


Episode 25 - Ferguson, Are Blacks Overreacting?

This week on Brunch Culture, we review Ray Rice's reinstatement into the NFL, and the our host's Thanksgiving Day experience. Our Main Topic asks the question "Are Black People Overreacting to the Darren Wilson Indictment decision?" And we get random with a Thanksgiving stabbing for eating too soon. Chat with us using the hashtag #chatbc and subscribe to our email list atwww.brunchculturebc.com